Emily Russo

Wallingford, CT
Animation, Art History, English (minors)

Emily Russo is a character designer, poet, author, and artist. She is an Honors student majoring in illustration, with minors in animation, English, and art history. She plans to create video games with her brother, also a game designer. Her favorite cartoon is Winnie the Pooh and her favorite video game is Zelda: Twilight Princess.

20s Theme Self-Portrait
1800 x 2400 pixels
A self-portrait in the fashion of the 1920’s. This belongs to a group of self-portraits created by the Illustration seniors to celebrate graduating in 2020.
Bearly Self-portrait
Bird Woman
1800 x 2400 pixels
A portrait of a female bird-human crossbreed. I wanted to explore character design in relation to more naturalistic human and animal features.
Jack and Sam
1714 x 2400 pixels
Jack and Sam are two characters I created for my Honors Animation project. I illustrated their friendship, as it is an important theme to focus on right now.
Running Robots
2400 x 988 pixels
This piece is a tryptic depicting three pink and gold robots fleeing from a larger, dark red robot. I experimented with non-biological characters that still conveyed human emotions.
Slumbering Dragon
2400 x 1642 pixels
A large blue dragon finds a peaceful place to slumber atop his pile of gold coins, as his soft glow lights up the cave around him. This tiny bean was so much fun to work on!
The Bear and the Kitten
2400 x 1553 pixels
She sits beneath the big oak tree / paws squelching, thick with loam / she cries, wondering / why she has to be alone / when out of dark damp bushes steps / a cat with purple fur / and golden eyes / yes, he sees her heart- / large even for a bear / her tears have matted dark, soft fur / despair soaking the dirt / wanting to comfort her he trots / ahead, a bleeding heart / he climbs up fur, into her lap / his chest rumbles, embraced / with the soft rhythm, she pets / and a smile graces her face
Thor and Tanngnjóstr
2400 x 1642 pixels
Viking legend states that Thor races across the sky in a chariot pulled by two goats, one whose name is Tanngnjóstr. On a cloudy day, Thor takes time out of his day to care for his companion.
Sam and his Balloon
Friendship and Fortitude
1920 x 1080 pixels, 1 minute and 16 seconds
For my Honors Thesis, I explored the topic of anxiety in children. I tell the story of Sam, an anxious student, who learns to cope and thrive through the ability to reach out and connect to others.
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